The Art of the Sign Off: The Best Email Signatures For Your Business June 13, 2022, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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Here at Site Impact, we’ve focused on business to consumer emails. However, it’s important to remember that every email your business sends is a representation of your brand. Even if you are not sending an email campaign to subscribers, every email sent from your employees is a channel between your partners, customers, investors, and valued employees. Every email from your company should be considered and optimized to ensure that the communication is a positive reflection of your business and aligns with your brand.

When crafting emails and their content, it’s always smart to identify your target audience. This doesn’t just apply to sales newsletters to consumers, but should also be applied to your interpersonal communications, vendor outreach, and partners. There is no correct signature for every email, as the wording will  vary depending on the culture, context, industry, and everyone’s specific brand identity. However, it’s always savvy to bear these things in mind and craft a signature that is in line with your company’s culture. For example, a young and hip lifestyle brand targeting Gen-Z partners and consumers would have a very different persona than that of a government corporation. 

The sign off can also depend on the specific person and the relationship that you have. If it’s a cold-email reaching out to a potential partner or vendor, it will be more appropriate to have a formal sign-off, while if you have rapport and a relationship with the recipient you want to come across as friendly yet professional, rather than impersonal. You should always take a moment to tailor the tone and content according to the recipient and situation. 

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