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August 12, 2020 | Posted by

Even though schools are only just starting back up within the past couple of weeks, it’s already time to start thinking about your strategies and tactics for the holiday season. In fact, a lot of email marketing professionals have been working out the best possible plans for the holiday season this year--particularly since this year, more than any other in recent memory, is so uncertain. Site Impact’s experts are on top of it, of course, and today we’re going to take ...

August 11, 2020 | Posted by

One of the major points that we at Site Impact have been pressing for a while--both here on the blog and with our prospective and current clients alike--is that relevance and context in email marketing efforts are vitally important. Even before the global crisis of Covid-19, the trend had already been established: Gen X, Millennials, and especially Gen Z all looked for relevant and contextually nuanced email efforts. The current pandemic has only heightened and accelerated that trend, according ...

August 10, 2020 | Posted by

As brands of all sizes work to understand and conduct business in the uncertain atmosphere of an ongoing global pandemic, marketers have been putting in the hours and the research to figure out which methods of customer outreach are the best options for the money. Budgets are being slashed all over, and it can seem sometimes like email marketing efforts in particular are ripe for the chopping block. But instead of cutting email efforts, businesses of all sizes are actually prioritizing email ove...

August 10, 2020 | Posted by

We talk about cross-channel and multi-channel marketing efforts a lot here on the blog, but it’s impossible to overstate how well certain other methods work when combined with email marketing. One example is SMS-based marketing; gradually this method is gaining traction, particularly in the always-connected Millennial and Gen Z demographics, but it still struggles to retain the confidence and the utility and engagement of other methods. What Site Impact’s experts can tell you, though...