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December 04, 2019 | Posted by

The United States Congress has been warning of a sweeping new consumer privacy and data protection law coming down the pipeline for most of the year, in response to the European Union’s GDPR. Late last month, Senate Democrats launched their first official volley in the ongoing battle, introducing a broad law aimed at giving consumers new rights to how their data is collected, controlled, and used. Site Impact has been on top of the news since the very beginning; we’ve tracked the dev...

December 03, 2019 | Posted by

Holiday shopping season has officially begun, and while most email marketing campaigns are ready to roll--and many more are already in progress--it’s definitely a time for battening down all the metaphorical hatches and strengthening your processes to make sure that everything goes the way you want it to. Not only does it help you to alleviate some of the inevitable stress that comes along with the busy season, but as any Site Impact expert can tell you, it will also help you to ensure tha...

December 02, 2019 | Posted by

Fears of a lackluster holiday shopping season have already been proven to be overblown, with a strong showing for online sales starting Black Friday and continuing through Cyber Monday. Email marketing has been a particularly strong driver of profits for brands of all sizes, demonstrating the importance of the channel when it comes to keeping customers connected and bringing conversions. Site Impact has been following the developments enthusiastically; we’ve known for some time that email ...

December 02, 2019 | Posted by

See #HowWeRoll here at Site Impact. For the last 10 years, we have secured our spot as an industry-leading Digital Marketing company that provides a simple Email Marketing solution to a multitude of industries and niches. We operate this rapidly growing business with the collaboration of integral departments including: Technology, Production, and Sales & Account Management teams. We provide a full-service client experience from beginning to end and cultivate a stellar company culture with an...