How to Create a Killer Landing Page October 13, 2021, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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When sending out email campaigns, it’s important to consider every moment of the customer journey. This includes the moments that happen even after the reader clicks through the email. One of the most important tools that marketers often overlook is complementary landing page. 

When incorrectly executed, the wrong landing page can cause users to lose interest, or even become annoyed. Many companies send users immediately to a site’s home page or product page that has no correlation to what drove the customer to the site (aka: the email message content that drove them there). The best landing pages focus on addressing specific needs of customers, entice them to keep reading, and coincide with the specific email content that drove users to the site in the first place. 

By taking the time to create these pages before sending out email content, companies will see higher  conversions and increase their chance of future email opens and click-throughs. The content and call to action of the email must be relevant to the landing page. A disconnect can immediately turn-off customers and may affect how they engage with your sales outreach in the future.

When designing your landing pages, remember that simplicity is key. Removing any content that will  help focus the customer and drive them to the call to action in the original email. A clean and concise landing page that reflects or complements the content of the aesthetic of the email that drove them there will always perform best.

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