Always Be in Beta Mode July 21, 2021, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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When it comes to marketing strategy, the top experts understand that the industry is always in beta mode. With the rapid fire changing of technologies, the most effective ways to reach consumers, and their preferences, are always changing. The best marketers are always evolving their strategies, A/B testing, and analyzing data to create the best communication messages for their audiences at particular moments in time. Here at Site Impact, we’re constantly tracking new trends and preferences for our clients’ and their marketing needs. Here are some of the top findings that are relevant to audiences today.

Copy Preferences

It’s a universal truth that there are no hard rules on how long to make your email copy. Depending on the specific reader, industry, and other variables, different lengths of content can perform in various ways. However, studies have found consistent evidence that shorter copy performs better than longer copy. Readers need concise and clear content and they usually prefer that companies make their email marketing messages straight to the point. Always be mindful of hectic schedules, distracted readers, and on-the-go email openings. 

Be Mindful of Your Audience

We’ve discussed the importance of segmenting lists in order to best reach your markets, but it’s also key to remember how to use those lists effectively. Once you’ve selected your audiences, ensure that the copy in your communications is written with those audiences in mind. The different audiences will have different interests, pain points, and needs. For example, if you’re writing to audiences of two different age groups, one email may require a more formal tone while one may want to come across as more trendy and cutting edge.  

Be Sensitive to Situations

Though shorter copy often performs better, always be mindful of sensitive situations. Companies releasing statements in times of turmoil or tragedy will want to tweak their tone and length of their content in order to be sensitive and not come across as tone deaf. Though it may seem like we are contradicting ourselves, as we said, marketing is always in beta mode and the best marketers are able to adjust to real world situations and evolving landscapes. 

Ready to ensure your marketing efforts are always in beta mode? Contact Site Impact to hear how we can help.