Create Compelling CTAs June 10, 2021, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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Here at Site Impact, we’ve highlighted the importance of including CTAs, or “calls-to-action.” Every email or communication with the customer should have a clear CTA as a forefront of their message. This is simply the behavior that a company wants the client to take on their buying journey. Whether it’s subscribing to a list, browsing a product, or clicking on that coveted “purchase” button, a CTA is the foundation of every email. 

Customers are bombarded with endless CTAs daily, so it’s important that the messaging is carefully crafted to be exciting and draw the customer in. Words like “subscribe,” “purchase,” or “submit,” not only will get lost among the clutter, but they completely miss the mark when it comes to providing value and incentive for the customer. Even if these words are exactly what a company wants a customer to do, effective content will paint a picture for the customer that excites and entices them to act. 

When writing CTAs it’s important to find that fine line where the message and action is clear, but the content is still clever. One of the most effective messages for great CTAs is to highlight the benefit the customer will receive when purchasing or subscribing to a product. A clothing company who wants a customer to buy a dress, for example, could forgo the word “purchase,” and entice customers with an exciting CTA like “Get the Look Now.” This would not focus on the customer giving the company their hard-earned money, but would help customers visualize themselves in the dress. 

Another great method when composing strong CTAS is to highlight free offerings. Whether it’s gated content, a discount, or a free gift, the customer automatically is shown the benefit of completing the action. 

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