Nurture Relationships with Birthday Emails June 09, 2021, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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The best relationships with customers come from time, effort, and a strong foundation of trust. Sending customers birthday emails is a great way to help nurture and build the foundation for a lasting, beneficial customer relationship. Not only these emails increase rapport and showcase personalization, but they can also result in a conversion, sale, or lead. 

According to a study by, 44.1% of people surveyed said they read birthday emails and clicked through to use a promo code or get more info, with an additional 43% reporting they read the emails and saved them for later. And if you’re worried that gifting discounts will negatively affect your bottom line, birthday emails are reported to make 342% more revenue per email as opposed to other forms of promotional emails.

Sending a customer a birthday message not only shows that you care, but they can promote awareness for new product offerings or announcements. The best birthday messages give something to the customer in honor of their birthday. Discounts are a great way to not only gift the customer, but they offer incentive for customers to purchase or even just explore new offerings. Another great birthday email is a free gift to the customer. Though this may seem like a cost to the company, the right product can result in an effective product trial, which can create repeat buys and lifelong customer cycles. This also creates trust with the customer, who understands that by staying subscribed to your mailing list they will receive worthy and meaningful content. 

When composing a birthday email, remember that the content must be engaging and offer something in the form of a gift. Whether it’s a gift, free trial, or discount, it’s important that the content is not simply a hard sales pitch. If the customer opens a birthday email with no offering, they will likely feel like they are simply a transaction and not a valued customer. Opt for a design that looks like a real birthday ecard, so the customer feels like they are truly being celebrated. If you’re sending a discount, a dynamic discount code, or one that is a unique code for one-time use only, shows that this discount is specifically created in honor of their special day. 

Birthdays are one of the easiest emails to automate, making the task easy conversions. One of the easiest ways to gather this important piece of data is simply including it on the email opt-in form or account registration. Add clever copy telling customers you’re asking for their birthday so you can gift them in the future. Ready to put together engaging email campaigns? Contact Site Impact to hear how we can help.