Quick And Easy Tactics to Boost Engagement January 11, 2021, | Posted by Guest

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Engagement is crucial when it comes to email marketing, and especially as the year gets started, it can be difficult to keep the momentum going. Considering how fraught things were in 2020, it’s a particular challenge to maintain the interest in audiences who have many brands and organizations vying for their attention. Fortunately, the experts at Site Impact know engagement, and there are some quick and easy tactics for marketers to adopt that will help boost engagement, and keep audiences paying attention to brands. 


Refine your lead generation efforts

The key factor in ensuring that your audience is engaged is to first make sure that you have an audience that is actually interested in your products or services. The most basic method for generating leads is to review and revise your list building efforts; but it’s even easier to lease or buy lists from agencies that have already done the legwork. By making sure that you are targeting the right audience--namely, people who are actually in the market for what you have to offer--you will immediately see a higher level of engagement with your email marketing than if you are using the usual batch-and-blast approach. It’s also worth using this particular approach to further refine your selections when you do go through an agency to gain access to leads: start finding methods to narrow your focus, and lean on quality leads that are more likely to convert than on a vast quantity of leads that are going to be, on average, more lukewarm. 


Personalize properly

Everyone in the email marketing industry knows that personalization is a major force for engagement. But while more and more businesses are getting onboard with personalizing their emails, efforts still tend to be inconsistent. Study after study demonstrates the areas where personalization really matters to email recipients; and by personalizing offers, marketers can hold attention a lot more effectively than by just including their recipients’ names. Relevant content--above and beyond offers--is also a major driver of email engagement. Keep your copy tight and relevant to each group you’re targeting, and you’ll find that more of the people you send to are willing to listen to what you have to say. Personalized offers and relevant content will be the standout factor that keeps your audience engaged, and keeps them opening, clicking, and converting on your email marketing efforts.


Engagement is a big goal for email marketing efforts--no matter what that engagement looks like. Whether it’s clicks, donations, sales, follows, or whatever metric at play, every brand can use better engagement. Fortunately, there are some simple tactics for getting and holding the attention of your audience: tweaking lead generation efforts to ensure that you’re approaching people that are actually interested in your products or services, and leaning into personalization beyond the basics to provide offers and value that are relevant to your recipients will take you a long way towards holding the momentum built up during the holiday season. Contact Site Impact to hear how we can help you get the engagement you’re looking for.