Study: Email Ranks First For Small Business Holiday Marketing November 18, 2020, | Posted by Guest

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Email marketing has been a powerhouse for small and medium businesses (SMBs) throughout the year, as a method of staying connected with prospects and current customers alike. It’s no wonder then that a recent study by Ecwid E-commerce shows that the majority of small business merchants are planning on leaning hard on email to get them through the holiday season. Given the ROI and affordable cost of email compared to most other channels, and the increased engagement from consumers throughout the year so far, it’s an extremely good value--but only if small businesses know how to get the most out of their email campaigns.


SMBs are looking to email to help recoup 2020’s losses

In the study by Ecwid E-commerce, 75% of small business merchants stated that after taking hits from lockdowns and the economic turbulence that this year has brought, they are working towards “recouping significant losses” this season, and 73% of the merchants surveyed stated they would be relying on email marketing for that purpose. In second place after email, organic social media is also favored, followed by paid social, then text messages. SMBs are looking at unique challenges this holiday season--and they know it. Many of those polled plan on stepping up their shipping deadlines, as well as offering more options for pickup and delivery to their prospects. Email will be instrumental for many small businesses hoping to keep the attention of consumers in spite of tricky and unpredictable mandates that may restrict in-person shopping options.


Businesses need to adapt to succeed this year

In order to make the most out of email marketing, SMBs will have to do much more than just increase their sending. Shoppers will be getting a much higher volume of emails overall this winter, and it will be more important than ever to stand out. The best tactics for that--according to multiple studies--will include sharp, personalized content and strong subject lines. More than just promises of discounts, prospects are looking for flexibility regarding their purchasing and retrieval options. Click-and-collect and other pickup possibilities are popular, along with local delivery, courier services, and free shipping. While multiple studies indicate that consumers are mostly looking to maintain their spend from last year, there are going to be plentiful deals; particularly from big retailers. To stand out, SMBs will need to clearly communicate the benefits of shopping local.


The good news for the email marketing industry as a whole is that recent studies indicate that small and medium businesses are likely to lean hard on email to get their message out to consumers this holiday season. But for SMBs, it will be absolutely vital to put the right strategy to use in order to get the best benefits from email. By communicating new and more flexible options more clearly and increasing personalized content, SMBs will be able to get the kind of value they’re looking for. Contact Site Impact to learn more about how we can help maximize your email ROI.