Email Marketing Technology Continues To Evolve June 30, 2020, | Posted by Guest

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Technology is a major player in digital marketing and especially in the niche of email marketing, where brands are constantly looking for ways to set themselves apart in a crowded inbox. In light of the ongoing pandemic, technological solutions that allow businesses of all sizes to participate in email marketing at a low cost and minimal effort are gaining more attention than ever, and the tools are seeing rapid development as those making them try to capitalize on the development. Site Impact has some very impressive email marketing tools of our own, and even as we constantly develop them to make them better, stronger, and easier to use, it’s worth looking at the state of the industry overall.


AI becomes more granular

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a hot new function for a lot of different technologies, and email marketing is no different. Of course, there are a lot of purists who insist that AI will never fully replace human discretion and decision making; but new tools using AI functionalities are coming seemingly every week, and the implementation of computer learning has become steadily more sophisticated. One of the key tools that has become more widely available to marketers is AI-powered subject line creators, and another is AI-optimized email send schedulers. One of the trickiest parts of email marketing campaign development is coming up with a winning subject line; by turning it over to the tool, marketers can take some of the guesswork out--and the same with optimized sending tools, which use data and machine learning to determine the best possible time to send a campaign out to a particular audience. AI is increasingly coming into play across a multitude of individual tools, as well as in full-service email marketing platforms.


Interest in AI tools is rising

Interest in AI capabilities has steadily increased, even after early efforts to incorporate machine learning into email marketing tools met with some hiccups and outright disasters. As the mechanisms and programming have become more sophisticated and as brands have sought out methods to spend less time on development and more time reaping the rewards, a natural consequence has been an increase in interest in AI tools. And of course, the recent uncertainties and conflicting impulses in marketing budgets have made it prudent for marketers to look into ways to get more bang for their buck: some of them think AI-powered tools can do just that. Site Impact has, of course, been looking into such mechanisms for our own proprietary software; but there are still a lot of bugs to work out, and we want to ensure that our clients are always in the driver’s seat, too.


Artificial intelligence is a tantalizing prospect to marketers: as it comes closer and closer to perfection it has increasingly allowed for more efficient campaign development and--when used smartly--can make for a more successful campaign. Of course, there are still a lot of caveats, and the best email experts can tell you that it’s far from perfect. Contact Site Impact to learn how we keep on top of the most recent tech developments in email to work them into our own systems.