Email, Content, and SEO All Work Better Together May 19, 2020, | Posted by Guest

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Email marketing works great on its own; but as Site Impact has said before, it works better as part of a multi-channel approach. With the hit that traditional media has taken in the wake of Covid-19, more and more brands are putting higher emphasis on their digital marketing efforts--since, after all, everyone is on their phones, computers, and other devices these days, whether they’re working from home or just amusing themselves while they wait for things to open back up. With that in mind, it’s worth noting that email doesn’t just play well with traditional media--it actually works particularly well as the centerpiece of a developed, considered digital media strategy, encompassing content marketing, SEO, social, and other channels.


Email is the cornerstone

Whatever digital marketing efforts you’re engaging in, it’s possible to make email marketing your cornerstone--and in fact, your efforts will bear more fruit, and be more effective, if you use email as the centerpiece. Email is trusted, it has a high level of consumer and business buyer confidence, and it’s cost-effective. More importantly, however, you can use the data you get from email to fuel your other efforts--particularly SEO and content marketing. And you can use your data from SEO and content marketing efforts to refine your email strategy. By using email as your centerpiece, you’re starting from a position of strength: your prospects have opted in to receive email messages, so they’re already interested, and generally have provided a fair amount of data on themselves in the process. Email has the additional benefit of being highly shareable, and enabling you to link out to your content, social, and other channels readily.


Email and SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) operates on keywords. The goal for any efforts in SEO is to correctly identify the search terms that will bring the most interested and likely-to-convert prospects to your website; email bolsters these efforts and helps you build on them in a few different ways. In the first place, one of the criteria that search engines use to determine which sites are the best options for which keywords is the amount of traffic that the site gets. Sites that have a lot of engagement are going to rank higher than those that have very little--and email marketing gets people onto your site. You can also use the data from your SEO research to add keywords into your email campaigns, driving conversions; in the inverse, you can use keywords from your email campaigns that perform the best to invest in SEO efforts that will lead people more confidently to your site. 


Content marketing and email

Email is the single best content distribution channel you have available. Even better than social, in fact; social media platforms use a number of complicated algorithms to determine how visible a given post is, where with email (as long as you aren’t tripping the spam filters), you’re able to go directly to the prospect with your content--and what’s more, it’s easily shareable! All your recipient has to do is forward it to their friends. Email gives you another venue for putting up your content marketing, whatever it is: blogs, recipes, tutorials, reviews--they’re all fair game, and it gets more eyes on what you’ve produced, because you can send to people who may not have ever visited your site--if you’ve got a great email marketing partner with a curated list.


We talk a lot about how email marketing efforts bolster and boost traditional marketing, but as people increasingly turn to their devices and engage with the world through their computers, email is a big boon for cross-channel marketing efforts on digital platforms as well. Email as the centerpiece of your digital marketing strategy--whether you’re including social, content, SEO, or some combination of different channels--just makes good sense. Contact Site Impact to hear how we can help you bring it all together.