Email Marketing and Webinars: A Match Made in Heaven March 20, 2020, | Posted by erin

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We here at Site Impact are big on cross-channel marketing efforts. Of course, we have a big focus on email marketing, but there’s no question that using several methods together works better than using them on their own. One of the ways in which streaming services and teaching best practices to support email marketing efforts  is with the rise and development of webinars: like radio shows and youtube videos of yesteryear, each webinar has its own dedicated audience, and they represent an opportunity for brands to teach, advertise to consumers and businesses that are already likely to be interested in the products and services that they have to offer. And the reverse is true as well: email marketing does great things for webinars by way of bringing awareness  and expand reach and gain new viewership. Today we’re going to look at how the two channels work together to benefit each side.


Webinars are like tv and radio, but enhanced

Radio stations tend to have relatively broad audiences; even if they’re strictly local, you’ll often have many different demographic groups listening in, which does make advertising a bit of a challenge, since you have to stick to broad messages. With webinars, you have a much more selective audience that tookt he time to sign up to watch and listen: while there may be a range of different age groups, races, and people of different levels of economic means all listening to the same webinar, you’re selecting a fairly niche audience just by virtue of how podcasts operate.

Generally speaking, webinars tackle individual issues in a specific area--or they’re geared towards fans of often a highly specific genre of entertainment. Successful webinars are often very, very targeted content with a bit of interaction. The opportunities for email marketing professionals here are twofold: one, developing a webinar as a way to provide info-tainment to prospects is absolutely an option, and two: many successful hosts also keep the door open to reviewing, discussing, or promoting products and services that interest them and will likely interest their audiences.

Developing your own webinar series does present some challenges for any brand, but it also comes with the reward of having an engaged audience who are more willing to listen to longer-form content you’ve produced. Of course, it can’t be a one-hour sell-a-thon, but by developing valuable content within your niche, you can use the opportunity to highlight the benefits and features of your products or services. An example of this would be a pasta company starting a webinar based on teaching classic recipes and their variations; the informative content is absolutely the base, but it provides plenty of opportunities to discuss the pasta the brand is selling.


Email benefits webinar hosting

The other side of the coin on this is that for podcasters, email marketing is a great way to reach out and expand an audience. By doing a little bit of research into who your key listening demographic is, you can lease or purchase lists that are pre-vetted with people who are likely to be interested in exactly the kind of content you’re producing. Email newsletters are also a strong method of maintaining engagement and keeping your podcast at the top of your listeners’ minds.


Whether you decide to develop your own branded webinar to discuss issues in your industry and to provide insights from within your company, or you reach out to existing webinar programs for opportunities to highlight your products or services, webinars and email marketing go together spectacularly well. For webinar hosts, email marketing allows the opportunity to expand reach and bring in fresh listeners, as well as to keep engagement high for those people who are already subscribed. Contact Site Impact to hear more about how we can help forge a marriage between webinar strategies and email marketing.