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Florida SEO Company

Florida’s Elite Search Engine Optimization Agency

Just like how you are searching for SEO Companies in the state of Florida right now, consumers far and wide are searching for your products and/or services on the Web this very moment. How likely are they to find your website? Will your company’s site come up on the first page of search results on Google, Bing or Yahoo? If not, your chances of being found organically on the Web are slim to none. In fact, studies have shown that the top three positions on Google get 68% of search traffic clicks. Furthermore, users click on organic results 94% of the time compared to the 6% who click on paid ads.

What our Florida Search Engine Optimization Agency Can Do For You!

Our SEO Company provides expert Consulting and services that will transform your website into a valuable asset in connection to search engine ranking and internet recognition. We follow best practices that will make it easier for search engines to crawl and index your content. Our list of SEO Services includes:

  • Keyword list development
  • URL re-tooling
  • Website content adjustment
  • Content writing and posting (blogging)
  • Meta-Tag authoring
  • HTML site maps
  • XML site maps
  • Header tag authoring
  • Image alt-tag optimization
  • Content linking
  • Reputation management
  • Testing and optimizing effective approaches


What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is the practice of implementing strategies that will increase your website’s rank organically on search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing, as well as improve the quality of your website traffic. Many internet marketers and online entrepreneurs consider SEO to be the ultimate website traffic generator. When implemented correctly, SEO will result in your website being positioned as a source of relevant information when the search engines are building their index, allowing you to be found by a large and focused audience who is actively and uniquely searching for your business and services.

How Search Engines Work

There are three basic functions of a search engine: 1) to search the internet based on specific words 2) to maintain an index of words it finds and where they were found 3) to allow users to type words or a combination of words into the search index. The first step is completed through special software robots known as “spiders.” For Google, the number one used search engine in the world, the web crawling bot is known as Googlebot. These spiders search the web, termed Web crawling, through an algorithmic process. Each search engine varies as to what it looks for specifically and uses different algorithms. This is why different search engines will return different results for the same search query. The usual starting point is through popular pages where it will continue through links found in these pages in order to quickly spread throughout the Web all while indexing keywords. To build its index, these spiders search for words that occur within the title, subtitles, how often a word occurs on a page, Meta tags and other positions of relative importance. Meta tags are words that the creator of a web page can choose under which the page will be indexed. This is especially useful for words with alternate meanings to help guide the search engine to the correct implication. Once the data is gathered, it is encoded to save storage space. Whether a word is in bold, capitalized, font size, and its position is all taken into consideration when encoded. The combination of efficient indexing and available storage space allows for quick results when a user enters a search query. A search can be performed with a single word or with a set of words, in which Boolean operators come into play. A Boolean operator are words like “and,” “or,” “not,” etc. These words tell the search engine that the words must be joined by “and” or that words following “not” must not appear within the page. Please know that this is a basic understanding of how search engines function, as a spider’s work is never completed and the algorithms of how the spiders crawl are always evolving.