Keep Your Content Customer-Centric July 19, 2021, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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Even though marketers may be tempted to highlight their products and convert sales, winning loyal customers often comes from taking an approach that puts the customers first. Campaigns that are customer-centric consistently perform best, no matter the industry. If marketers listen to their audience needs, they will increase their engagement and customer base in the long run.

Discounts, sales, and new products are great and perform well, but it should be alternated with content that puts the customer’s needs first. So how do you define customer-centric content and understand what is relevant to them? Delve into their purchase history to get a grasp on their needs and interests. When writing email content and assigning that content to your segmented lists, always ensure that each campaign will ensure your reader that there is something of value for them. Targeted, tailored information is far more effective and though people always enjoy deals and discounts, companies that show they understand their audiences will enhance their customer relationships. 

Ensuring relevant copy comes with time and planning. Deals and new product announcements are quick and easy campaigns, but creating tailored messages will take more time to research, segment, and create. However, the time invested will pay off dividends in the end.

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