Designing Emails for Dark Mode June 14, 2021, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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Mobile devices and operating systems are smarter than ever, and they are always anticipating and catering to new user needs and preferences. One popular preference is dark mode, which offers users the choice to view their display text and imagery with a reversed color scheme. This has become one of the most buzzed about digital trends in the past year, and companies must design their emails with it in mind. Apple’s OS, Twitter, Slack, Facebook Messenger, and key email service providers such as iPhone and iPad Mail, Gmail, and Outlook all now offer their users this option, so designers must ensure emails display correctly in this preference.

When opting for dark mode, users are shown light-colored fonts and design elements on dark backgrounds. Many users prefer this option as it minimizes eye strain, assists with battery life by reducing screen brightness, and often improves overall readability. 

When designing emails it’s important to ensure that any images used are transparent. This will ensure that if the background color is set to black, the email design still remains intact, without any odd white space. Any JPG files should not be used, with only PNG or SVG added to design. Also ensure that every piece of text is formatted for both backgrounds. This can be fixed easily by highlighting any black text in white with a border so it can still be viewed on a dark background. Always remember to test your design on both settings prior to sending to your subscriber list.

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