Tips for Effective, On-Point Mother’s Day Campaigns May 03, 2021, | Posted by Guest

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Mother’s Day is a great time to connect with customers, convert sales, and create impactful messaging to help further brand visibility and increase consumer engagement. It’s a massive opportunity to increase sales and meet quarterly goals, with reporting that Mother’s Day is actually the second-largest spending holiday in the US. It’s key to remember that with these statistics, every company will likely also use the holiday as a touchpoint for their communications outreach and efforts. Here are a few tips to ensure that this year’s Mother’s Day messaging is engaging, unique,  and most importantly, authentic.

Ensure Messaging Aligns With the Company Mission

No matter the holiday, event, or sales pitch, the context of any marketing collateral should always reflect and align with the brand. If content is a blatant pitch to simply convert sales, the messaging will come across as inauthentic and will turn consumers off. For Mother’s Day, the messaging must strike that special chord that connects with customers on an emotional level and reflects the mission and goals of the brand. Instead of simply presenting a product and offering a discount, create emotional content that conveys a genuine appreciation for mothers. A strong and thoughtful Mother’s Day email often starts not by choosing the offer to present, but is shaped around the company’s brand values. If a company has no connection to the holiday and cannot craft a genuine and authentic message, it’s better to skip the holiday and wait for one that better aligns with the brand. 

Don’t Just Push the Product

Countless businesses will be sharing the perfect product to purchase for this year’s holidays and it’s tempting to focus just on a deal or discount that a company may be offering. A great sales strategy, however, is to highlight not just the product and its features, but to create a narrative that will illustrate the benefit the product provides. Many companies think that they do this automatically by listing a product’s superior features, but customers are so inundated with product suggestions, that they often aren’t taking the time to visualize how that product can affect their lives. If selling a new fitness tracker, for example, don’t simply state that it can count steps or monitor a heart rate. Instead, paint a vivid picture in concise yet exciting copy that explains how it can help mom stay focused, have fun, and conquer her goals. 

The Gift Guide


Gift Guides are always top performers on leading media outlets. That’s why the world’s top lifestyle brands such as GQ, Vogue, Town & Country, continue to publish curated gift guides for almost every holiday. Not only do readers love the convenience of a recommended list when gift hunting, but the guides help the outlets earn money through affiliate links. While getting a sought-after position on these gift guides is a great marketing tactic, sometimes it’s easier said than done. Companies have taken matters into their own hands by creating their own curated gift guides for customers to peruse. When designing the email, ensure it doesn’t just look like a listing of products and prices, but instead have the art department and clever copywriters create an email that mimics the look and feel of an editorial gift guide. Not only does it make for an engaging read, but it streamlines the search process for consumers by offering them an array of curated choices. For best results, add an “add to cart” button on the email and set up a retargeting flow to follow up with customers who don’t immediately convert. 


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