The Biggest Hurdles Facing Brands in Email Marketing February 19, 2021, | Posted by Guest

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In order to take email marketing efforts to the next level, email service providers have to understand the hurdles facing brands and marketers alike. Fortunately the Email Marketing 2021 Benchmark Report by Validity and Demand Metric provides a useful tool for identifying some of those struggles. Of course, Site Impact is always looking for feedback ourselves on what we can bring to the table to make email marketing less complicated and get better results; but this report doesn’t show anything we haven’t already heard. Let’s look at the facts.


Inbox competition and engagement are top concerns

We’ve written before about the impact that increased email marketing efforts have had on the climate of consumer and business inboxes; with more brands using email to reach out, it’s a foregone conclusion that there would be more competition for placement, as well as for attention. The study by Validity and Demand Metric highlights this concern among marketers: 42% cited competition in the inbox and 35% referenced lower engagement as hurdles to email success. The good news is that these figures have actually gone down from 2019. The bad news is that they’re still going strong, and the current trends in email don’t forecast them going away. In order to overcome these obstacles, brands and marketers alike will need to focus on the quality of campaigns going on--digging into the data, tailoring and targeting their approaches. 


The cream rises to the top

Another thing that the report highlights is something that we’ve discussed multiple times on this blog before: the top performing email marketing professionals are those that maintain certain habits. Those firms and marketers that make sure to follow the best practices in the industry--including personalization, data-driven strategy, and so on--are the ones that are having the least difficulty in getting the results they seek. Those that engage in the best practices have a delivery rate of 90% or better, while many who aren’t either don’t know their delivery rate, or achieve rates under 89% consistently. It’s never been clearer that the quality of email marketing campaigns and everything that goes into them is vitally important for soothing the concerns about the potential hurdles. Those that make sure to use clean lists, who personalize their content, who target specific groups within their audiences, tend to avoid the concerns facing the majority of email marketing professionals.


Understanding the struggles that email marketing professionals are facing helps in finding solutions--that’s an obvious observation. But in spite of knowing the hurdles that marketers are facing, many of those marketers are avoiding the work that would make the worries go away. By engaging in the best practices for the industry, and making sure to take the issues at hand in consideration by focusing on quality as much as quantity, marketers can put their worries to rest. Contact Site Impact to hear how we help all of our clients reach the top of performance metrics in email.