More Than Two-Thirds of Consumers To Shop Online This Holiday Season November 17, 2020, | Posted by Guest

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Cautious optimism regarding the end of the year continues to increase, fueling hopes for email marketing professionals and businesses alike. A recently-released study by Dynata, sponsored by SAP SE, found that a solid majority of US consumers--67%--stated that they plan on shopping online this holiday season. Of course, 60% of those polled also intend on doing at least part of their actual purchasing in brick-and-mortar stores. These results go along with other findings that suggest that far from being a fraught and difficult holiday shopping season, retailers and other businesses have some reason to be relieved. 


Consumers want options

The overall message to take from the study is that more than ever, holiday shoppers are looking for options and flexibility from the brands they buy from. This has never really been a secret, and certainly that facet of consumer interest has been trending for years--but in a time when things are so uncertain regarding plans and potential events through the holiday season, it has become an absolute necessity. The Dynata study also found that 24% of the consumers surveyed plan on using mobile apps, and a further 20% intend to use mobile websites to assist in their shopping--but 92% stated a desire for control over the experience of shopping and interacting with a brand. In short: consumers are looking for the most flexible options, and the ones that feel most in their control. 


Crowded inboxes mean bigger challenges

Other reports heading into the holiday shopping season have posited that there will be big challenges for brands due to the increased volume of email marketing campaigns. We’ve already seen some of the impact of this from the last-minute blitz that campaigning politicians made heading into the election--and the resulting decrease in engagement and ultimately conversions through Halloween and the election. The challenge for all retailers this winter is going to be standing apart from the competition, as hungry businesses all vie for the attention of consumers in the hopes of keeping their brand afloat in a lean year. The companies most primed to succeed will be those who have their eyes on what consumers are really asking for: tailored, specific information that is relevant to their needs. Email campaigns featuring buying guides, providing details on the variety of options for purchasing and receiving items, and other pertinent information will definitely get higher engagement--and, in turn, greater conversions--than blanket marketing messages advertising deals and steals. This year is going to be a big one for subject lines as well--and for the use of strategies to communicate urgency, as well as effectively get across the meat of your message, all in as few words as possible.


With more than two-thirds of consumers planning to make substantial purchases online this holiday season, email marketing is the obvious method to reach out for retailers and other businesses looking to get a piece of the action. But there are a lot of issues to contend with, and email campaigns that don’t cater to what consumers are looking for are likely to be as lackluster in terms of ROI as if businesses didn’t put any effort at all. Contact Site Impact to learn how we can get your message out to exactly the people who most need to hear it, at exactly the time they need to see what you have to say.