Some Retailers Fumbling Early Holiday Shopping Drives October 14, 2020, | Posted by Guest

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In spite of the fact that research shows consumers are gearing up for holiday shopping already, many retailers have failed to catch up to the trend in their email marketing efforts, according to a study put out by SmarterHQ. The report showed that only 4 retailers in the sample sent any kind of holiday messaging in September: Home Depot, Sephora, and Target were the top three in that group. Site Impact knows this year has been somewhat unprecedented in regards to the economy and current events--but retailers need to make the most of consumer trends at any time, and now especially is a big moment that could really be a major driver of revenues for the brands that take advantage. Today we’re going to be looking at what the big brands are doing, and what steps to take to make sure you’re getting the most out of your campaigns.


Retailers pushing--but not with specificity

The report by SmarterHQ reviewed campaigns by major brands and found that while sending is up across the email marketing industry, September saw little attention paid to the holidays to come--and also a dearth of personalization and other factors that we know drive higher engagement. With consumers reporting that they’re interested in getting their holiday shopping done even earlier than usual this year, brands need to be on top of catering to the trend--and yet, many aren’t. Saks sent out 88 emails in September, with no specific focus on the holidays or even any promotion; instead, they send generic messages and promotions. Some brands did highlight holidays--but many only focused on Labor Day, with no attention to the upcoming big shopping season. It’s clear that retailers are trying to recoup their losses, but they’re going about it in a way that is just not up to speed with what consumers want.


Give the people what they want

Consumers have made clear that they’re looking for holiday shopping opportunities; to make the most of their email marketing campaigns, brands really need to tap into that. Personalized messaging, geared towards early holiday shopping efforts, are a major driver of engagement when consumers are looking for exactly that. Even just referencing the holidays to come, and the prospect of warmth and family and friends, are likely to bring about a lot more engagement than bland, generic emails. It’s worth noting that there are lots of opportunities for businesses to introduce the idea of holiday shopping, and to connect with consumers who want to find deals. 


Retail brands are struggling with the effort to try and avoid being too pushy about the holidays, while still getting people to shop in order to make up for the deficits from earlier this year. Thankfully, consumers have made it clear that they’re looking for exactly the kind of holiday-themed offers that will help them to clear their shopping lists, and that personalization is a major satisfier. In order to get people to really respond, it’s important to react to what they’re looking for out of their marketing. Contact Site Impact to learn how we can help you get up to speed in your email marketing campaigns in record time.