Email For Auto Dealers: A Primer May 20, 2020, | Posted by Guest

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One industry that consistently gets great results from email marketing is the automotive industry. Businesses of all kinds within the automotive niche have been putting email to use for decades because it represents the best kind of channel for them: direct-to-consumer, establishing a more personal connection, yet still cost effective and easy to scale up or down as needed, email is ideal. But Site Impact knows that not all auto dealers are truly well-versed on how email can benefit them, and how to best develop strategies that work within the industry to get the results they’re looking for. Today we’re going to explore these questions.


Use sequences to master your timing

Sequencing is a fundamental strategy in email marketing; at the most basic level, it’s composed of a series of emails scheduled to go out at specific points in a cycle. For auto dealers, a sequenced campaign would typically look like 2-3 emails that are sent out to prospective customers over a span of a couple of weeks, each one ushering the prospect through the sales funnel. Each email in the sequence moves slowly but steadily along the path to a conversion, giving the prospect time to consider and research and get invested between the emails. Sequences work well for auto dealers because they are “set and forget,” allowing you to address prospects at different stages of the process on their own time frame without having to invest a great deal of your own time on follow up and development. 


Make use of automated email

Automatic functions in email marketing have been one of the biggest, most important innovations since the advent of email itself. Automated emails give you the ability to not only set a deal sequence, but also check in with prospects without having to remember who you need to contact when; you can set your automated emails by time frame, by milestone (action taken on the site or on previous emails) or other factors that work best for your dealership or selling style; the brilliant thing is that automated email has come a long way, creating a seamless experience that you can incorporate into your face-to-face and phone-based selling efforts. Even more importantly: you can use automated email to respond to first emails as quickly as possible. An auto-reply that doesn’t necessarily come across like an auto-reply will help carry your prospects’ interest and give you time to sort through and prioritize. 


Keep your emails clean

Of course, there’s no question about sending out NSFW content or inappropriate emails; in this sense, “clean” refers more to ensuring that you’re not landing in the spam filter when you send. This is actually easier than you might think! By avoiding keywords that email platforms associate with spam senders, and making sure you’re working with reputable agencies and buying or leasing lists that are scrupulously kept updated with high standard list hygiene, you will ensure that your emails land in the inbox, and that your prospects are getting your message. Of course, your strategies will determine the success of your email marketing campaigns beyond that--but the most important thing is to be able to make that connection to begin with.


Email marketing is a great tool for auto dealerships; it’s cost effective with a great ROI, and it is almost tailored to the way that the automotive industry does business. By using sequences, diving into automation, and keeping your emails “clean” of content that will land them in the spam filter, you can reap the benefits of email. Contact Site Impact to learn how we can help you to make the most of your email marketing efforts.