Studies Show Email Remains On Top September 10, 2019, | Posted by erin

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There is always someone in the world of digital marketing trying to assert that email marketing is dead or dying; but the data just doesn’t back that up. Even with the advent of new regulations and increased consumer privacy demands, email remains on top--as any Site Impact expert can tell you. But don’t take our word for it: several studies have confirmed it recently, as well.



The studies don’t lie

Three studies released recently indicate that email stays on top: one by marketing agency Merkle, one by search engine marketing company Ignite Visibility, and a third by advertising platform Dianomi. The first study polled over 200 marketers representing and partnered with major North American brands, and found that 68% of the respondents identified email addresses as the highest priority data type to acquire. 52% of those marketers also stated that email remains their most valuable channel not just for acquiring new customers but for retaining existing customers. The second study, by Ignite Visibility, found that its 300 respondents agreed that email came out on top in ROI, and that small businesses with revenues from $10 million to $20 million invested more on email than any other marketing tool. Finally, Dianomi, working with Gramercy Institute, polled over a hundred senior financial marketers and found that over a third of them planned to increase their spend on email in 2020.


Email still tops value

What is particularly interesting about the Ignite Visibility study is that 44% of small businesses in the $10-$20 million revenue range only spent between $5,000 and $15,000 annually. This highlights one of the primary reasons that email marketing just isn’t going to go away anytime soon: the return on investment is great--which means that the investment itself doesn’t have to be super high to get results. The average across all industries is about $44 of return for every $1 of spend, which means that email makes sense from a budgetary perspective: you don’t have to spend a ton of money to get a good profit. Almost no other methods--and certainly no channels in digital marketing--can boast that kind of a profile, making email one of the most accessible methods for brands of all sizes. For value, there are few methods that brands and marketers can choose that allow the kind of flexibility that email does, and these studies highlight that fact readily.


While there will always be people who claim that email is on the way out for any number of reasons, heading into 2020 it will remain a vitally important part of any brand’s marketing budget and plans. Before social, search, and other channels, email establishes authority and confidence, and gets the best response from consumers--that’s why brands and marketers are planning on increasing spend in the new year, and why there will continue to be a market for email for years to come. Contact Site Impact to learn more about how we allow our clients to get the most out of their email efforts, no matter what their goals and no matter what their budget is.