Use Your Insights to Align Your Content With Your Customer Journeys November 03, 2022, | Posted by Kia Zalewski

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By understanding the journey of your customer, you’ll be able to better craft your content and email campaigns to strengthen your relationships with your subscribers and increase your conversions. Gain a thorough understanding of your audience and ensure that your segmentation is not simply surface level stuff; draw upon insights of your existing customers to develop different personas, which can then be further segmented in the future.

To begin, plot out the steps and interactions in their customer journeys and take time to analyze each subscriber’s needs, challenges and concerns as they align with each step of the journey. From there, you should task your teams to further identify the points at which your readers are most receptive to specific types of content.

Your email and content strategy should always be aligned with the company’s broader marketing goals, mission, and brand aesthetic. By having clearly defined brand guidelines and business objectives, your goals for the content strategy will be better defined and implemented. When creating your content, ensure you consider the audience as individuals, rather than a group of people. With a deep understanding of the journey the customer will undergo, you’ll be able to craft and send the content to which they’ll be most receptive. Harnessing insights, such as geography, age, needs, personas, etc, throughout the lifecycle will also empower you to tweak your strategy and alter your content and messaging as needed. 

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