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Writing Good Organic Content

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By Austin Lovvorn

If I haven’t stressed this enough in my previous posts, content is king when it comes to inbound marketing and driving traffic.    After Google released the Penguin update, creating organic content is essential for websites to survive.   But producing the same kinds of content over and over again seems to under stimulate the reader and in turn possibly drive less traffic.  Implementing different kinds of content will help your website stand out and keep your readers coming back for more.  Here are a few suggestions:

  • Animated Gifs are great to add to your blog or landing page to enhance the content and stimulate your visitors.
  • Using funny cartoons creates a fun atmosphere where the reader can usually relate to their industry and in return possibly share on their social networks.
  • Concept visualizations are a great way to explain difficult topics or help the reader to learn how to solve a problem.
  • Creating controversial content can drive more traffic by engaging debates.  Another great way to add content to your website is to embed user tweets.  This will add a social presence to your website giving it more clout in the world of social media.
  •  Infographics have been and will be one of the greatest ways to get the message across using graphics and also a gives your audience a chance to share the information across their social network platforms.
  • Original data is a great source for content.  Surveys, findings, or any visualization with numbers that help establish you as an expert in that field will boost your popularity.
  • Using images depicting your business within the content will help keep your readers interested.

No matter what type of content you are writing about, quality and relevance should always apply.  Try not to bore your audience with mediocre content, always keep them engaged and wanting more.