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Why Email Marketing in Retail, Leads to Sales

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These days, digital business and email go hand in hand. Email has become a huge revenue driver for website traffic and purchase conversions. Why is email so important to your retail business?Email is one of the best one-to-one communication channels available. Once you’ve learned more about your customers and connect with them in a relevant, meaningful way, you can draw them back through the inbox and build the long-term, relevant relationship you need and they want.

For nearly a third of retailers, the average customer makes a purchase within the first 48 hours of signing up for marketing emails, June 2016 research found. And for approximately a quarter more merchants, customers first buy within a week of email signup. [eMarketer]

Did you know email marketing is the 2nd most effective ecommerce marketing channel, second only to internet search? With the advancement in technology and the explosion of available data, never before have retailers had such an opportunity to take the effectiveness of their email marketing strategies to new heights.

Email has been around for 20+ years and it continues to dominate the successful strategies category in retail marketing. Email marketing has the potential to deliver results, but be sure to follow these best practices to increase conversions and engagement.

BMI Elite specializes in helping businesses connect to new prospects through a variety of email marketing and data solutions. Founded in March 2010, BMI Elite has earned the business and trust of clients all over the globe. Our clients range from Fortune 500 corporations to locally owned and operated family businesses as well as advertising agencies who resell our services. By developing customized strategies aimed at unleashing a client’s full marketing potential, BMI Elite delivers RESULTS!

For more information on your email marketing strategy and launching an email campaign that will drive sales to your website and business, call BMI Elite today! (call 561.330.6666 x 305 or email