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Riding Around in a Mouselimo at Lion Country Safari

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by Jennifer O’Brien

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Today I was lucky enough to participate in experiential marketing. I arrived at Lion Country Safari with BMI Elite’s Director of Marketing, Demi Pietchell, and was introduced to some wonderful people. They were a mix of bloggers and employees of Tilson PR and Truly Nolen. Everybody was given a tote bag filled with coupons, a zebra pattern hat, snacks, Truly Nolen trivia, etc. After signing a waiver, we all entered into the Truly Nolen Mouselimo and went on the four mile drive thru Safari while observing the animals’ reactions.

experiential marketing eventsTruly Nolen is the pest control company who has the Volkswagen cars turned into mice. So the limo that we were driving in was shaped like a mouse including ears and a tail. The animals’ reaction to the limo was hilarious! Some of them ran from it the second they saw it. Others were just confused by it and starred at us with such a quizzical look on their faces.

event markingWhile riding in the limo, I was instructed to post “tweets” from my iPhone about what was happening. Today was my first experience with using Twitter and I found the process to be quite interesting. After some initial confusion, I think I got the hang of it. I learned that with every post I should include the hash tag and to include relevant links to tag people like @LionCountry and @TrulyNolen_Limo.

I took a few pictures of the animals to share on Twitter. There was a Greater Kudu who was right next to the limo. He wasn’t scared of it at all! He was very calm and beautiful. It was very cool to see a zebra up close.

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Their pattern is so unique and it looks almost unreal like someone painted on their stripes. The rhinos were the scariest. They were right next to the car! I have never been that close to a rhino before and I was just waiting for it to charge at the limo.

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My favorite was the giraffe. There was a mother and baby who were just precious!

My impression of experiential marketing based on my experience today is that it is a very fun, creative, and effective way to promote your company. As a newly hired intern, I learned a lot and had fun. I was grateful to have an opportunity like this and hope to do many things like this in the future. public relations marketingI tried quite a few new things today. This was my first time to ride through Lion Country Safari in a mouse limo, my first day using Twitter, my first experience with an experiential marketing event, and my very first time writing a blog post!