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Political Email Campaign Tips to Reach Your Full Marketing Potential

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Now that we are in the thick of watching political campaign strategies unfold, endless debating and winning over voters, it is important to execute email marketing strategies properly and effectively. Here are a few tips to stay on the right path when marketing to current supporters and potential voters:

First, email recipients need to find relevancy in your outreach. Who are you sending to and what do they want to read? You may also have different recipients in your database that you will segment into groups to send different emails to. For example, you would not send the same email to an individual who is a loyal follower and the individual who is on the fence and does not know what your campaign stands for yet.

By targeting emails, you can drastically improve their relevancy and you will have a much higher chance of getting people to respond.

The Email
Like any other email campaign, the subject line is a crucial piece of the puzzle. If you do not have a compelling subject line you risk the email not even being opened and exposed to your stellar content! Good subject lines are short (30 to 50 characters), timely, include some sense of urgency, and correspond directly to the email content. Nothing is more frustrating to recipients than emails using deceptive subject lines to lure an email open.

Another important piece is to make sure your emails are mobile friendly and responsive. A large percentage of readers are opening from their mobile device and missing out on reaching them is extremely destructive to the success of your campaign.

The Call-to-Action
Include a “Make a Donation” button with a clear call to action that leads straight to your donation page and be sure to place it in a prime location, so your audience will notice it as soon as they open the email. Another tip is to repeat this call-to-action twice or three times throughout the body of the email to remind the reader the action you would like them to take.

Test, Test and Test
Measure the success of your campaign by gathering data like open and click-through rates, sign-ups, donations and more. Use those sucessful statistics to plan your future campaigns and so on. Use this information to test out new strategies whenever possible.

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Most importantly — GET OUT THEIR AND VOTE!