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How Fashion Retailers Can Use Email Marketing to their Advantage

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Retail, particularly much of the fashion sector have become quite good at designing email marketing campaigns that generate serious revenue based on begin triggered by a subscriber’s actions. Enter contextual marketing and the opportunities to take complete advantage of this method in the fashion retail industry. Online shoppers are already looking for ultimate convenience; why not couple accessibility with an amazing experience?

Why do retailers use contextual marketing?

Don’t you want to get the right content to the right people at the right time? One of the most harmful email marketing campaigns you can ever waste your time on in email marketing is outreach that is completely irrelevant to the recipient. The whole purpose for an email marketing strategy is to reach a new audience and hopefully keep that audience coming back for more.

Make the most of an abandoned cart.

Did you know nearly 70% of online shoppers abandon their online shopping? Instead of seeing this as an issue, seize the opportunity to remind your customers to complete their purchase. They added it to their carts for a reason in the first place. Accompany that remind with a one-time incentive like free shipping or offer that makes them want the items in their shopping cart, which is why cart abandonment emails are a must-have for fashion retailers.

Remember their device

Have a responsive and useful mobile app for your e-commerce site? Use that app to remember the customer’s device to round out that mobile experience. Not only is there already a built-in convenience factor and ease with shopping from their smart phone, but their information has already populated and a complete of purchase is only one button press away! Live order tracking

Easy order tracking

At the time that an order is placed, the very first thing on your customer’s mind is when will it arrive in their hands! Sometimes order tracking can become a problem. Make it easy for them!  It is important to include live order tracking right in your email, so every time your customer revisits the email, it refreshes with up-to-date shipping and tracking information. It’s not too good to be true, it’s just another way you can deliver awesome customer experiences with email.

Looking to reach a new customer base for your fashion retail brand? Contact BMI Elite! We proudly offer one of the largest and most comprehensive databases in the marketplace today containing more than 300 available selects and filters, 134 million unique email records and over 300 million postal records. For more information call 561.330.6666 x 305 or email