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Ask Yourself These Questions Before Sending Out an Email Campaign

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Email marketing is an important part of any marketing campaign, company brand message or promotion strategy. Ultimately all email campaigns are different depending on what you’re selling, who you’re trying to reach, and what your desired result is. Here are some starter questions for anyone getting ready to utilize email marketing:

What is the goal of your campaign?

When reaching out via email there a number of reasons why. Customer retention, education, brand recognition and more. When reaching out to current partners, it’s to inform, alert and motivate them about new products, services and more. The great thing about email is that the data is trackable and your goals can be an actual statistic whether it be a certain open rate or click-through rate.

What’s your email’s first impression?

It is important to imagine yourself in the customer’s shoes. What’s your subject line? Who is the email from? What will entice someone to actually open the email? Is the email quickly and easily opened and downloaded on all devices?

Is your call to action clear?

If you’re promoting your new website, lead them to the website. If you’re sharing an infographic, allow readers to click through to the graphic. If you want clients to call you about your holiday offer, leave your phone number. Make the action known and clear.

Do you have a timeline?

Email campaigns work best if laid out with a clear timeline.  Are you touching based twice a week? Twice a month? Certain actions require follow up and some may be a one shot deal. Just be clear to set these goals and schedules in advance.  When building a campaign this timeline should have trackable goals laid out in conjunction with it. For example, do you want your web traffic to increase by a certain percentage? Do you want a certain number of increased leads by phone?

As we mentioned before email is a great insight into your marketing strategy because it is always trackable. Use this opportunity to your advantage and start your email marketing campaign today! BMI Elite has the data you need to launch a successful campaign, leading to a loyal following and an audience that will look forward to receiving your news! Find out more by calling 561.330.6666 x 305 or email