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3 Online Marketing Trends That Are Unavoidable

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Trends in online marketing quickly evolve and surely come and go however there are some that have become ones that you cannot ignore. Who knows what the trends will grow into but they are here to stay in some form.

Optimize for Mobile FIRST.

Over the years, mobile has become the first focus and a dominant source of where online traffic is coming from. If you want to convert customers, you must have a mobile friendly site, app and experience for your clients and customers. Here are some questions you might ask yourself: can a potential lead reach me in just a few taps of his smartphone? Can the purchase happen quickly and effortlessly on a mobile device? Both answers should absolutely be YES. Which leads us to the next trend – ensure the user’s experience is a positive and memorable one.

User Experience Weighs Heavy.

Whether you are a mom and pop down the road or a Fortune 500 company, a poor experience can be a huge part of preventing future business. It is important to place emphasis on making your user’s experience a good one and encourage positive reviews. This rings true across all industries, platforms and companies.  If you are not thinking about it, you must start today.  Find out what pleases your customers, what makes them come back for more and continue to improve upon these positive traits to keep your clients and customers happy.

Can’t forget about Email Marketing!

The trend that never dies – we may as well call it a classic. Email Marketing has matured greatly over time becoming a very strategic, personal and effective way to reach your customer. Through segmented lists and relevant approaches, email is your golden ticket. Aside from showing up at your customers door or calling them directly on the phone, nothing is more personal than reaching their inbox.

Now that we have emphasized how important email is, the second part to it importance is the approach. Do you know your customer? Have you divided you current and potential customers into segmented lists to provide them with relevant information? Are you strategically coming up with a good mixture of direct advertisements, updates and company communication?

All should be key components of your email marketing campaigns to build a relationship with your audience and make them want to engage with your company. For more information on digital marketing trends and how BMI Elite can help – call us today! (561.330.6666 x 305)