What Does Bad Email Marketing Look Like?


Like most human beings, we want to feel respected and treated politely. The same rule should uphold for email marketing. Enter the impersonal, inapplicable email, selling you a product you would NEVER buy from a sender who you have never heard from before. Gone are the days where a pushy sales email converted into a […]

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Design Your Holiday Emails for Success!


When creating HTML files for using in an email, there are a few things that should be done differently from how web pages are created. Most of these involve working with HTML as if it was still the late 90s, which may look ugly from a development standard, but will create the most compatible code […]

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Make Your Content More Shareable on Social Media


What do you do when you have enough content and you have the right content, but it’s not getting shared? First, one must realize, content is not enough. Due to the recent growth reported by Instagram and Snapchat, image video content is completely dominating the web. Facebook’s News Feed update that made images much larger […]

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10 Creative Email Ideas for Your Holiday Email Marketing


If you’re like most retail companies, Email Marketing plays an extremely important role in a promotional plan for the holiday season. Email Marketing is the perfect tool to roll out a series of timely messages to your target audience about promotions, important dates to remember and showing your appreciation for shopping during the holiday season. […]

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